The Brown Sisters Foundation is the continued legacy of Helen and Barbara Brown. We exist to help make God’s love visible among distressed communities by partnering with those organizations who embody God’s heart for the poor, and providing leverage to help them accomplish their work more effectively. We fund primarily Catholic organizations whose purpose is outreach and service to the poor, with a specific emphasis on youth, and with a heart to dignify and empower those they serve towards self-sufficiency. Our funding is leverage-based, to help an existing organization become more sustainable, increase its impact, broaden its services, launch new initiatives, or expand its capacity.

  • The sisters


    Barbara and Helen Brown were unique women who have left a legacy that will far outlive them and created an impact that extends beyond their reach to change and bless and better our world. They remain an example of stewardship, generosity, and possibility. learn more …

  • Core values


    There are a few values that drive our work:

    • We believe God’s heart beats first for the poor.
    • We believe the image of the immortal God is present in every person.
    • We believe everyone has inherent value and something to contribute.
    • We believe it takes a village.
    • We want to be candid.

    learn more …

  • Our priorities


    We view our investment in grantees as a partnership towards common objectives. We’re looking for “Fit” in a few primary ways:

    Check out our Grant Process to consider applying. learn more …

  • How we invest


    The Brown Sisters Foundation offers matching grants, challenge grants, or grants that are intended to generate leverage for your organization during critical junctures or unique opportunities. There are also specific types of projects we are most interested in funding. learn more …

We consider it a priority to be as candid and accessible as possible for organizations seeking funding.

We love to meet organizations who might be a potential fit and learn about the work that you do. We view our funding as partnership with our grantees, and it’s important to us to get to know you and understand your vision and priorities. We know that our funding is one small part of the engine that fuels your important work, and we know that the change we hope to see in our world can’t happen without excellent organizations working hard to see it through. Check out our funding priorities to see who we fund, and send us an email if you’d like to have a conversation.

We currently have one annual funding cycle, which opens in the summer of each year. We like to brainstorm and strategize with potential grantees to help determine what type of funding and project might be the most useful to your organization and provide the strongest leverage.

Funding process

  • Letter of Intent – Grant candidates are invited to submit a 2-page Letter of Intent to determine the partnership potential that exists and briefly share what you’re hoping to accomplish. This LOI is a standard form which you must request from our Executive Director. LOIs not submitted in standard form will not be considered for funding.
  • 2017 LOI Opens: May 15, 2017
  • 2017 LOI Closes: July 14, 2017
  • All grant candidates must be invited into the process and must fill out a standard LOI.
    Contact us to see if you’d be a good fit, and to request the LOI.
  • Full application – Those candidates that pose the strongest fit are then invited to submit a full application. Of those that submit a full application, candidates with the strongest fit are invited to present to our Board of Directors.
  • Decisions are made in early December of each calendar year and in most cases funding is awarded prior to the close of the calendar year.

We’re proud of our partners and have learned a lot from their work. Check out our grant portfolio to gain a feel for the type of partnership that makes a good fit. Click on each grantee below to learn more about that partnership. Check out more about our funding priorities and grant process.
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  • griffin-center

    Catholic Urban Programs: Griffin Center

  • connections-to-success

    Connections to Success

  • crisis-aid-international

    Crisis Aid International

  • faith-ascent

    Faith Ascent Ministries

  • lovethelou

    LOVE the LOU

  • sister-thea

    Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School

  • cac

    Christian Activity Center

  • clam

    Catholic Legal Assistance Ministries

  • thrive

    Thrive Pregnancy Resource Center

  • compass

    Compass Educational Programs

  • MHTrinity

    Most Holy Trinity School

  • MissionSTL

    Mission St. Louis

  • Loyola

    Loyola Academy

  • Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 3.38.24 PM

    Midtown Catholic – City Greens Market

  • 8293495460_4a00ae171b_z

    Urban K-Life

  • img_0109

    Marian Middle School

  • Oasis small

    Oasis International

  • 8th-grade-girls-de-la-salle

    De La Salle Middle School

  • video-frame-2

    Breakdown St. Louis

  • Sprog small


  • Angels-Thank-You-2012

    Angel Baked Cookies – North Grand Neighborhood Services

Executive Director: Lindsay Matush

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