We view our investment in grantees as a partnership towards common objectives. We’re looking for “Fit” in a few primary ways. Check out our Grant Process to consider applying.

Mission fit

We like to fund organizations who:

  • Seek to bring the hope and love of God to impoverished communities. We fund Catholic and Christian Protestant organizations that operate with a clear commitment to faith and mission.
  • Work in a way that creates transformative change for their constituents, and operate within a clear outcomes framework to most effectively trigger that transformation.
  • Seek to empower and dignify the people they serve.
  • We are particularly passionate about working with young people, and helping to create strong trajectories for their future.
  • Operate with passion, urgency, and unflagging commitment to their cause, with a clear and contagious sense of dedication, and a compelling strategy and framework for channeling their passion into traction.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, and sustainability – exhibit a viable financial position, carry minimal debt load, and that practice and move toward long-term sustainability.  We typically fund organizations with operating budgets under $2 Million.
  • Understand the value of collaboration, and engage in authentic partnership with likeminded organizations where appropriate.
  • Operate in a mode informed by best practice with a spirit of innovation – avoid the duplication of services, pursue unmet needs, and advance best practices for their field or demographic.

Project fit

We like to invest in projects that generate significant leverage for our partners. We look at leverage in two ways:

  • Financial leverage — we fund primarily through matching grants, challenge grants, or other financial means by which our gift can be used to attract other funding to your organization.
  • Missional leverage — we like to invest in projects that help increase your organization’s ability to accomplish your work, deepen your impact, expand your capacity, become more sustainable, launch new initiatives, innovate, or provide leverage in some other way.


The Brown Sisters foundation views our investment in grantees as a partnership toward common objectives.

What we don’t fund

There are a few areas outside of our focus:

  • General core support requests
  • Operating deficits
  • Grants or loans to individuals
  • Event sponsorships
  • Lobbying
  • Response to existing matched funding opportunities
  • Endowments

Sound good? Learn more about our grant process or apply for a grant!