There are a few values that drive our work:

  • We believe God’s heart beats first for the poor.

    Throughout all of scripture God moves on behalf of the widow, the orphan, the alien, the hurting, and the hopeless. We want to partner with him in his work among the distressed communities that he adores.

  • We believe that the image of the immortal God is present in every person.

    We acknowledge and uphold the dignity in each of our grantees, and in each person served by our partners.

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    We believe everyone has inherent value and something to contribute.

    We find it critical to identify the value and beauty inherent in each community we serve, and empower those communities to help themselves.

  • We believe it takes a village.

    As a funder, we’re just one part of a greater ecosystem of social change. We believe change happens best in a setting of true collaboration and honest dialogue. We want to play our part in this ecosystem.

  • We want to be candid.

    We want to be honest with potential grantseekers as to the real possibility of funding, and be respectful of the time involved in the process.

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